I will

She said I wasn’t beautiful enough.

She wished I had been more like her.

She said I should’ve brushed my hair.

She told me I didn’t look good enough.

That I wore my clothes wrongly.

That I picked the wrong color of shoes.

That I should’ve been more confident.

That I could’ve done better to look nicer.

That I could’ve been prettier.

She taught me how to take a pose.

She told me a better angle for my picture.

Never once she told me I was okay.

That I was fine and hell yeah I was good enough.

That it didn’t matter if I didn’t smile all the time.

That I was worth to be with even when my choice of clothes was lame.

So, one day I told her.

That I say if I am beautiful. I say if I am strong. I say if I am cool.

That I am more than just my looks.

That she will not determine my story.

That I will.

Haura Emilia Erwin (inspired by Amy Schumer)

Another Night

When dreams are better than reality, you wish you never had to wake up.

In my dream I am free.

You think I’m broken?

Fix me.

Or let me sleep.

For another night.

My mind has so much to say.

But my words are againts the world.

You think I’m hopeless?

Fix me.

Or let me close my eyes.

For another night.

I’m here. But I’m not.

I’m happy. But I’m not.

What we see is not what we get.

You think I’m just sad?

Fix me.

Or let me sleep.

For another night.